We are often great at starting things, but we aren’t always great at finishing them. Maybe you are about to stop short of something that God intends for you to purpose.

What does that look like for you? What area of your life do you feel that God wants you to complete, but you are ready to jump out on? Is it your marriage? Is it your career? Is it some assignment He has given you? What have you pursued with passion and excitement, but lately, you just haven’t really cared that much about it?

I believe God has a plan for you and that you were created with a purpose. I want to help you discover that plan and see that purpose fulfilled in your life! You have to remember that God has given us a promise and a purpose because you’ll never possess the promise God has given to you if you don’t develop perseverance.

Don’t stop short of something that God has put on the inside of you!

There’s something He has spoken to you, and it may feel like it’s fading, but it’s still echoing in your heart. Don’t walk away from it. Maybe you are ready to give up on your situation.

Is it possible that you are only one lap short of a victory in your life?

Maybe you have lost your grip, you’re letting go, you’ve given up mentally and emotionally…you are still there, you are present, but you are not really in it.

This could be the sixth lap! With every lap you take that the walls don’t fall, I believe there is something that God is building on the inside of you. God is working when what you’re doing doesn’t seem to be.

Pay attention to one small detail. Joshua didn’t knock the walls down and neither did his army. They simply obeyed the instructions God gave them and HE knocked them down. Simply trust Him, obey Him and watch Him show off!


Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash